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Project Information

General Information
Location Dobbs Ferry, NY
Role Controls Contractor
Other Info Controls and Intergration
Compleated December 2015

Project Details

We povided a powerfull management tool.

Using industry standard technologies for integration, scheduling, alarming and a graphical user interface. We created a powerfull tailored made HVAC management tool.

It has the potential to access the system from anyware around the world, with any computer running standard software.

Project Time Line

  • Phase 1

    Bid, submittals and reviews for the project. As part of this phase of the project we typicaly do an initial visit and start involving the team members on the scope of the project.

  • Phase 2

    We start ordering material and roughing in our panels. Project manager is working closely with electrician to get our low voltage lines in place.

  • Phase 3 Time to be in the field! Our techs are on site installing and checking communication.

  • Sequence of Operation

    For some time out programmer has been working on the sequence of operation generated by the project engineer. By this time it is mostly compleated and we beging to deploy in the field.

  • Project UI Sample